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Star wogs
Nick Giannopoulous and Mary Coustas
The Ethnics strike back!
Athenaeum Theatre
November 03
Enmore Theatre
From September 28
Anita's Theatre
October 13 & 14
Thebarton Theatre
October 20 & 21
Perth Theatre
October 26, 27 & 28

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The stars of Wogs Out Of Work & Acropolis Now, Nick Giannopoulos & Mary Coustas are back together live on stage, alongside the hilarious Sooshi Mango, in their all-star brand new comedy stage show Star Wogs - The Ethnics Strike Back!

Following on from last years sold out stage shows Wogs At Work & Effie The Virgin Bride, Star Wogs will feature all of Nick, Mary & Sooshi Mango’s most popular characters in a sketch comedy format and will be the must see Comedy Spectacular of the Year!

Nick Giannopoulos

Nick is one of Australia’s most-loved and successful comedians. He is one of a few performers who have easily transitioned from stage to television to film – while being incredibly successful in all genres.

The shows he has created, written and starred in have become household names- Wogs Out Of Work, Acropolis Now, The Wog Boy & The Kings of Mykonos. In Star Wogs Nick returns to his roots, where it all began for him, live on stage with Mary Coustas.

“Mary and I have a unique chemistry when we work together. As time has gone on I’ve come to realise how rare and special that is in our industry. As for Sooshi Mango they are funnier than ever and have amassed a massive online following. This will be the best stage show we’ve ever done! We can’t wait to tour it around Australia from August 31st” he said.

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Mary Coustas

Mary is a writer/performer who became immediately known Australia wide for the groundbreaking theatre show ‘Wogs out of Work’in the late 80’s and for her character Effie which was developed for the high rating Channel 7 TV sitcom ‘Acropolis Now’. She  went on to win a Best Comedy Performer Logie Award for performing the character Effie.

Most recently Mary wowed audiences with her show ‘A Date With Effie’ and then starred in the biggest and most revered one-woman show of her career with, ‘Effie The Virgin Bride’ which toured nationally twice in 2016 and 2017.  But after a hiatus of 25 years Mary is thrilled to be back working with Nick on stage with Star Wogs.

“We’ve both been busy with our own projects over the years and I’m really excited to be back onstage with Nick, who I started this whole crazy journey   with thirty years ago,” said Mary. 

Mary Coustas

Sooshi Mango

Sooshi Mango is an Australian comedy troupe made up of two brothers, Joe & Carlo Salanitri and their close friend Andrew Manfre.

Since forming in May 2015 Sooshi Mango have gained a huge international following online and have currently amassed over 30 million views on their comedy videos. When the brothers were trying to come up with a name for their group, Joe’s young son ran around the house randomly screaming out the words ‘Sooshi Mango”! They looked at each other and it stuck.

After a hugely successful national tour last year with their first ever stage show Wogs At Work alongside Nick Giannopoulos , the boys are absolutely thrilled about working with Nick again but especially Mary. “Effie is one of my favourites” said Carlo. “We are all pinching ourselves that we will be on stage with both Nick and Mary. This show will be hilarious and not to be missed” said Joe.

Sooshi Mango