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Nick Giannopoulos & Sooshi Mango
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Nick Giannopoulos & Sooshi Mango
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Athenaeum Theatre
From 31 Aug to 24 Sep
Enmore Theatre
From 28 Sep to 8 Oct
Regal Theatre
Wed 11 Oct, Thu 12 Oct, Fri 13 Oct, Sat 14 Oct
Thebarton Theatre
Fri 20 Oct, Sat 21 Oct, Sun 22 Oct
Canberra Theatre
Sat 28 Oct, Sun 29 Oct
Brisbane Tivoli
Sat 4 Nov, Sun 5 Nov

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‘Wogs At Work’ is the hilarious new show from Aussie comedy legend Nick Giannopoulos, the creator & star of ‘Wogs Out Of Work’, ‘Acropolis Now’, ‘The Wog Boy’ & ‘The Kings of Mykonos’.

Teaming up with Nick live on stage will be comedy group sensation ‘Sooshi Mango’ who have had over 25 million views online of their hilarious videos. ‘Wogs At Work’ promises to be the Ethnic Comedy Spectacular of the Year. Don’t miss it!

Nick Giannopoulos

Exactly thirty years to the day since he launched his original comedy juggernaut 'Wogs Out Of Work’, award winning Australian comedian Nick Giannopoulos will open his brand new show in Melbourne before a national tour around Australia.

'Wogs At Work' is the hilarious new show from the legendary Aussie funny man - the creator & star of ‘Wogs Out Of Work,’ ‘Acropolis Now,’ ‘The Wog Boy’ and ‘The Kings of Mykonos.’

“When I first started my live stage show career at the very first Melbourne comedy festival in 1987, I thought that after our two week run in an 80 seat theatre in front of friends and family, that I would literally go back to being a wog out of work. I thought my future was running my Dad’s Milk Bar. It’s the fans who have supported the work and me for all of these 30 years that I most grateful to and I can never thank them enough. I hope you will enjoy my new show and consider it the best one yet!” said Nick.

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Sooshi Mango

‘Sooshi Mango’ is an Australian comedy group made up of two brothers, Joe & Carlo and two of their close friends, Andrew & Michael.

Since forming in May 2015 ‘Sooshi Mango’ have a gained a huge international following online and have currently amassed over 25 million views on their comedy videos.

When the brothers were trying to come up with a name for their group, Joe’s young son ran around the house randomly screaming out the words "Sooshi Mango!” They looked at each other and it stuck.

The boys are about to embark on their first national tour, teaming up with Nick Giannopoulos in his new stage comedy ‘Wogs At Work’ opening at the Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne on August 31st.

Sooshi Mango